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Comp-Pros has been rated the premier provider of IT Support in Los Angeles County since 2003. Offering all sized solutions from 1-1000 workstations, we have proudly serviced over 5000 clients and have consistently been rated the top IT Support company in Los Angeles on sites like Yelp, Google Review, Angie’s List, and others.

We started this company in 2003 as an IT company, providing computer support and consulting. Since then, we’ve grown to 3 divisions that offer IT support/repair, website design/development, and online marketing. But our focus has always been our clients.

It’s not always easy to understand technology with computers and the web, but we try to bridge the distance between the tech world and the normal world. Our mission as a company is to bridge this gap while providing the highest quality work, and the best possible customer service during this process.

We are your Computer Professionals. We are Comp-Pros. Our mission is to provide the highest customer satisfaction while becoming the largest in our industry. We strive to always provide the best technology solutions to help people: the people we serve, the people we employ, the people we work with, and our philanthropic beneficiaries.


Macintosh Professional,Windows Professional,Web Development Professional,Networking Professional,Security Professional,iOS Professional,Android Professional,Blackberry Professional,Mobile Device Professional,PC Hardware Professional,Help Desk Professional,Information Technology Director,Database Administrator,Network Architect,Chief Technology Officer,Web Administration,Systems Administrator,Senior Programmer,Senior Web Developer,Senior Web Administrator

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