Chief Coder/Programmer and IT Specialist -

POSITION: Chief Coder/Programmer and IT Specialist. Potential to be “Grandfathered” into future CTO position.

COMPANY: Launch Medical

LOCATION: 11650 Riverside Dr, Suite 11, Studio City, CA 91602


PAY: Starting at $5,000/month. May increase depending on work ethic and ability.

This is Austin Wolff from Launch Medical. I’m the CMO and need a strong coder who is proficient in Java, CSS, and HTML. You’ll be building online sales funnels with me using a software called Clickfunnels, in order to grow our business online.

We also need you to be our go-to “tech guy,” who can fix any technical problem that comes our way. Stay with us long enough, prove your value, and you’ll be grandfathered into our CTO position as we expand.


We’ve invented the world’s first home-use medical device that can actually reverse erectile dysfunction. Yes, it works. Learn more at

We plan on ending ED. Thanks to The Rocket, ED is now a choice. Men can choose to take care of themselves and use The Rocket and stay in their sexual prime. Or not and suffer ED as they get older. But now the world has this choice to get rid of the problem all-naturally without side effects.

This is a billion-dollar market, and Forbes has already called The Rocket a “multi-billion-dollar industry disrupting device.”

The same technology can also remove cellulite in women, as well as treat musculoskeletal pain. Both are also billion-dollar markets. Those products will launch in the following years. This company is on the verge of taking off and we want an achieving CTO by our side when we do. That could be you. Keep reading.

Required Experience (Non-Negotiable, This Is Why You’re Being Paid):
*Must have built and customized online shopping carts in Clickfunnels using CSS or Javascript (must send examples)
*Previous IT experience

Preferred Experience (You Can Always Learn More On and Off the Clock):
*Experience building funnels in Clickfunnels

JOB REQUIREMENTS (Please only apply if you’re outstanding in accomplishing the following)
*Customizing shopping carts in Clickfunnels using CSS, Javascript, and customizing pre-written code from a company called “CF Pro Tools.”
*Ensuring our shopping carts are integrated with PayPal, so our customers can pay with their credit cards OR paypal.
*Working with me and founders to customize the sales funnels to our liking to increase conversions and Average Cart Value.
*Solve any tech problems we come across. You’ve probably already guessed, I’m not proficient in any coding language. Although I’m young, I’m not Mr. Robot. We need a Mr. Robot.
*Work with our shipping company to ensure smooth integration between online orders and the fulfillment process.
*Work with me to build other funnels in clickfunnels, such as membership sites, phone funnels, texting and email and voicemail drop campaigns, facebook messaging campaigns, quiz funnels, and other integrations (can learn this bulletpoint on the job)
*Optimize our traditional website and ensure it runs smoothly
*Learn more about SEO and help us SEO optimize our blog posts (low priority but a plus if you do)
*We’re open to remote work, but you’ll probably never advance if you aren’t working in the office with us, and we just can’t offer you CTO in the future if we aren’t working with you every day in person.
*Hours are Mon-Fri, 9am-6pm (with an hour lunch)

A degree isn’t necessary. Experience customizing shopping carts with CSS and Javascript in online sales funnels is. If you can’t solve tech problems, you won’t last long (sorry, I’m very blunt and honest). If you can solve tech problems and go above and beyond, you’ll earn the CTO title and a bigger salary! We want a problem solver. Don’t come to us if you find problems. Come to us with solutions. This is an opportunity to work with a quickly growing company with a patented invention about to change the world by ending E.D. and cellulite.

Send an email with links to example sales funnels or shopping carts you’ve worked with and customized. The more, the better. If your email doesn’t contain links to your past work, don’t expect a response.