Entry level IT - WORK AVAILABLE with the New York Army National Guard -

Protect your community and get paid well with tons of benefits.

Currently have multiple available positions in : Information Technology, Satellite Communications, Logistic, Transportation, Human Resources, Military Police, Chemical Specialist, Medical Specialist, Musician and many more.

Let us help pay for your school, get you citizenship (must have Green Card), and pay you for job training.

** works hand in hand with NYPD, FDNY , Corrections.

This is a part time job and a lifestyle. Please take the time to read of the following. The career is in the New York Army National Guard. If you have a goal of ultimately joining an organization such as NYPD, FDNY, FBI, etc and are missing college credits or experience with work then this would be perfect for you. If you have no experience, and have graduated high-school or have a GED this will allow you to earn a way for you step your foot into an organization that earns you money as well as college benefits/technical schools.

The main difference between National Guard and other branches of service is that our first mission is for the State of NY and our second mission is Federal. We have the ability to volunteer for search and rescue missions in regards to natural disasters such as the disaster relief efforts in Puerto Rico. This in turn allows you to receive both State and Federal benefits. After the training period(in which you get paid full time), this is a part time position which allows you to work full time as well as start/finish school if you wish to do so. Choose from Administration, Medical, Mechanical, Finance, Law Enforcement, Transportation, Communication/IT, Supply, Chemical, and a lot more. You earn college credits for the training you receive with us as well as get paid.

1. Positions are Now Available
2. 100% Tuition Assistance to College or VoTech Institutions
3. College Loan Repayment Program of up to $50,000
4. Scholarship (Mont. GI Bill) $317 per month while in college
5. Become a Naturalized Citizen in 6 months, FREE (must have Green Card)
6. Personal Health $50/month or Family Health $200/month
7. PAID Job/Skills Training
8. Low cost Dental
9. FREE Gym access/Post Exchange & Commissary Privileges
10. Leadership Training & Job Experience to enhance your Resume

Call Today to Check us out with NO OBLIGATION to join.

Must have High School Diploma or GED, permanent Resident card(Green Card) or Citizenship, older than 17 and younger than 35, in good health with no major law violations.

*If you have a BA/MA or 90 qualifying college credits towards a degree you may also qualify in the Officer route of the National Guard*

Contact to see if you qualify to be a part of an organization that has been in business for over 378 years with our roots dating back to 1636.

Call or Text.
Staff Sergeant Thuromin Roy
(718) 810 6499

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