Local software company looking for experienced Backend Engineer -

Local software company looking for experienced Backend Engineer -

We're looking for an excellent Backend Developer to join our team. The right candidate has solid CS fundamentals under their belt, and has extensive industry experience, a CS degree, or both. We are not accepting applications from bootcamp graduates at this time.

Our website is primarily developed with Ruby on Rails, though we have a mixed stack that incorporates a variety of languages and frameworks. While we primarily work with Rails, you may have no production Rails experience - we are mostly interested in a problem solver that can design efficient schema and clean APIs, who understands high availability and the benefits of micro services. You should understand what it means to have multiple customers (web, mobile) with similar but different needs, and should be able to provide a solution that works for both. Finally, you should understand the difficult tradeoffs between technical debt and time to market, and know when it's appropriate to deploy early vs when it makes more sense to spend the extra time crafting a more robust solution.

While the majority of the job is development, we are always interested in (Note: not a requirement) someone who has strong expertise with Linux and the various services used to back a large, highly available website. Our site is hosted on bare metal here in PDX (we are high memory and high IO, metal just makes sense) and is managed by us. We use Ansible for configuration and server management, and have a light amount of virtualization for isolated, smaller tasks.

About Us

Ride with GPS is a team of thirteen professionals delivering software that supports great cycling experiences. Our website is used to plan bike routes and events, manage bike clubs, analyze ride data, and publish great rides. Our companion app is a bike computer, route navigator, and ride recorder. Within the cycling world, we're serving weekend riders, clubs, event organizers, tour operators, and racers. By joining Ride with GPS, you will help millions of people have a great time on their bike. Our business is bootstrapped and profitable, focused on sustainable growth via user satisfaction and word of mouth advertising.

We're bringing on several more people right now, and will be honing what we have built and taking it to the next level in terms of design & experience. 2018 will be our biggest year on every measure, and it will be a lot of fun to be a part of.

Our office is located in the newly renovated Bakery Blocks building, near NE 22nd and Sandy. We have standing desks, a bike repair station, and a stocked kitchenette & beer fridge. We all love riding bikes, from road riding to fat biking and everything in between. Most of us regularly walk a couple blocks to the Circuit to climb, or go for lunch rides/runs. Three of us are also avid motorcyclists. We support a healthy balanced lifestyle, we're family-friendly (three of us have young kids), and we are all very passionate about what we do in our work.


We offer competitive salary, an excellent office environment as well as health, dental and vision insurance, and a 401k with a 10% match. You'll be equipped with a new Macbook Pro or iMac, a standing desk and any other productivity tools that are needed. We strongly believe in testing our own software, and as a result are more than happy to help defray some of the costs of cycling.

How to Apply

If you're interested, please respond with your resume and some examples of your work. Please include at least a paragraph explaining your relationship with cycling. We'll respond in a timely manner and move things forward for promising candidates.