Software Developer -

Software Developer

We are looking for a software developer to help us maintain, enhance and customize desktop applications for labor unions based on a large in-house framework. These desktop applications will eventually be transitioned into web applications. The position is full-time (40 hours/week) and is part of a team of 7 other developers. The work will be located in our office in Olympia, Washington. If you are not willing or cannot work in Olympia, please do not respond.

The work will entail:

Learning our framework.
Learning how labor unions work.
Customer support, spec gathering and possible training
Maintaining a large code base framework
Designing and writing code to extend our applications for current clients.
Creating and extending back-end relational databases to conform to client specifications.
Data migrations, imports and conversions.
Required Skills and Experience:

Experience in any desktop object-oriented development language (but preferably Delphi (i.e. C#, C++, DotNet, Java)).
Ability to gather specifications from clients, communicate clearly, and learn quickly.
Debugging and problem-solving skills.
Experience with SQL databases.

Experience with any/all of the following will be highly valuable to our team:

Prior experience with Delphi.
Ability to model software and database systems based on specifications.
Experience with report tools (i.e. Report Builder, Fast Report, Rave Report, Jasper Report etc).
Understanding of labor union practices and goals.


Competitive Wages (hourly rather than salary)

Paid Holidays (12/year)

Automatic annual Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA)

401 K with contribution matching and additional company contribution based on hours worked

Fully paid Employee Health Care

Flexible hours

Paid vacation leave (12 days/year at hire; 21 days/year after 6th anniversary)

Automatic salary increases at 1st and 2nd anniversary

We have been creating and supporting software exclusively for labor unions throughout the US and Canada since 1995. You will be working under a union contract; we are a union shop and you must join the Communication Workers of America and pay dues. We are an employee-owned cooperative. All employees are equal owners of the company.

We offer a meaningful alternative to corporate or government employment. This is a good place to work. Web site:

Job Type: Full-time