Digital Marketing Manager / Strategist / Architect -

Digital Marketing Manager / Strategist / Architect -

ROM3 is a rapidly growing 3-year-old medical device company which has brought to market a patented and revolutionary breakthrough rehabilitation technology. (View a video about our initial product at

We are seeking a talented, multi-dimensional Digital Marketing Manager / Strategist / Architect with deep background in the healthcare field to strategize and oversee a new, compelling, visually appealing, lead/sale-generating digital presence (particularly website) of our medical device company.

We need the kind of Digital Marketing expert who can strategize toward the business bottom line and marketing plan while collaborating with key team members to execute accordingly.

The website needs to communicate about and sell our medical device and provide information about the product to interest clinical personnel but also to interest investing prospects. We simultaneously need to build a second site, or area of the site, which is investor-focused. This needs to have content that educates investors but also generates leads for new prospective investors.

The Digital Marketing Manager / Strategist / Architect is an expert in strategizing, collaborating with and managing web designers and content providers (writing, blogging, videos, etc.) to create and maintain a comprehensive digital presence that encompasses (but is not limited to) the following:

● Increase in website traffic and product revenue
● Monitoring and management through web-based measurements and metrics to drive performance improvements as well as monitoring site performance, identifying any issues and making improvements that impact sales and customer satisfaction
● Overseeing and managing layout of web and social media pages
● Measured effectiveness of paid advertising and targeted audiences on social media, email marketing campaigns and workflow automations
● Effective SEM including AdWords and SEO and use of Google Analytics and other tools to measure ROI of all campaigns
● Cross functional duties related to creating campaigns, web pages, graphic design, digital features, animations, interactive experiences and branding tactics to drive traffic and desired actions
● Overseeing the online flows (customer experience paths, navigation, order processing) and performance funnel (metrics)
● Collaboration with Sales Team for development of web-based content, graphics, animation and design elements
● Lead measurement and reporting on key performance indicators and providing actionable data to inform decisions to improve the business
● Effective ad campaigns
● Minimum of 5-10 years of up-to-date experience in managing and refining website(s), driving and managing traffic, and generating multi-millions of dollars in sales (B2B, and preferably B2C as well) for one or more healthcare-related websites.

The position is part-time presently but will undoubtedly lead to full-time. Freelancers only, please. No agencies.

This is an ongoing role that will require continuous development and upkeep. Must be able to manage multiple priorities and pay close attention to detail.

Experience with investor-driven marketing and lead generation a major plus. Experience with high dollar product/service sales / lead gen also a plus.

The Digital Marketing Manager / Strategist / Architect will lead the development of the new medical device website, plus the investor-focused site / pages, and then manage the site in coordination with our sales & marketing team.

Qualified candidates, please respond to this posting with an up-to-date resume, a list of website(s) and/or landing pages which you have personally built and/or managed, and a cover letter detailing why you are the ideal fit for this job.

Compensation negotiable based on experience, accomplishments and proven success.