Business IT Support Tech -

Business IT Support Tech -

Job description:
The Business IT Support Tech would be part of the business customer service group. The group as a whole is responsible for voice and data service trouble shooting and business customer service. The ultimate goal is to provide "White Glove" treatment to our business customer base. This position would rely on the ability to maintain a solid relationship with our business customer base and work with business owners and consultants to help manage business customer networks. This group would also be responsible for carrying out our outsourced IT service.

This position would be responsible for :
- Business customer service
- Business Network review and trouble shooting
- Voice and data services trouble shooting
- Network consulting both LAN and WAN
- Hardware recommendations, implementation and maintenance
Skills required:
- Networking skills in IP based networks
- Cisco router configuration and management
- Voice service offerings both TDM and IP based
- Excellent communication skills
- Ability to be Professional while performing on site network installation and repair work

To Apply:

We request your initial contact be via e-mail. Please send cover letter/resume.

About Gorge Networks:

Founded in 1994, Gorge Networks was one of the first Internet providers serving Hood River, Oregon. Gorge Networks has grown to be the local service provider of choice for businesses and residents of the mid-Columbia area. We offer a complete suite of voice, data and telecom consulting services by leveraging our enterprise class network and engineering resources. Our local customer service is unparalleled in the industry and is what separates us from the rest. We believe that having satisfied customer's starts with the employees. Our employees are treated with respect and empowered to learn and grow. Each employee knows that their efforts truly make a difference in our goal to exceed our customers' expectations. Headquartered in Hood river OR, we live in a Mecca for outdoor adventure. Whether you are looking for world class Mt biking or Windsurfing or just a leisurely hike through the beauty of the cascades -- this is the place for you.