Consumer Electronics (Audio Video) Sales & Service -

Consumer Electronics (Audio Video) Sales & Service -

Consumer Electronics (Audio Video) Sales & Service
A local Tucson audio video business has a customer service/sales position open.

This job is full-time but we can make it part-time if we find the right person.

Job Duties:
Handling walk-in and call-in customer service and sales inquiries at front counter.
Filling out repair orders and sales invoices.
Operating computer and cash register, and collecting payments.
Connecting, demonstrating, and testing audio video equipment.
Ordering and receiving parts.
Boxing and handling equipment to be shipped.
Possibly light service work such as assembly, troubleshooting, soldering, etc.

Minimum Qualifications:
Experience in customer service and sales.
Experience in connecting, testing and operating consumer audio and video equipment
Proficiency in troubleshooting common connection and audio/video signal path problems.
Proficiency in Microsoft Office, Internet research, and other common business applications.
Proficiency in using hand tools, voltmeters, soldering equipment, etc
Good organizational and communication skills.
Ability to lift, lower and carry objects up to 50 lbs.

Bonus Qualifications: (not requirements)
Experience with electronic technology such as schematics, signal generators , oscilloscopes, etc.
Education beyond high school in some type of technology or business field of study.

About Us:
We are a local Tucson audio video business that focuses primarily on repair. We have been in business for over 17 years and have 4 employees.
We offer a friendly, flexible environment.

How to apply:
If you are interested in applying, please reply to this ad with your resume!
We did not publish our company name nor contact info in this ad because we are very busy doing repair work and do not have time to be interrupted during business hours. We will respond through craigslist.