Associate Game Producer / Designer -


We're a start-up gaming company focused on kids and family-friendly multi-player games. We've got an amazing crew of executives from top game companies and we are funded by some incredible industry investors.

We're looking for a special gamehead, someone who can both be incredibly detail-oriented - taking notes, updating documents, organizing sprints - but also someone creative who wants to collaborate to produce and live operate a portfolio of games that will come to define this generation of kid-friendly gaming over the next few years!

Please see below - and don't be shy, we want to hear from you!

Please shoot over a SHORT cover letter and your resume. Seriously, do not spend a lot of time on the cover letter, 15 minutes max, but say whatever is in your heart :)

And we're also looking for a CTO, user acquisition analyst, and game data analyst, so if you know anyone like that, send this post their way too!

Joe F

Job Responsibilities:

- Run Gamefam project management day to day
- Review and organize the sprints daily
- Work with sr. producers to organize priorities for features / bugs / fixes
- Make sure all programming deliverables have needed design work or assets
- Work with programmers to ensure they fully understand implementation based on the
hacknplan cards
- Follow up daily with programmers to keep them on task and on schedule
- Follow up with senior producers to solicit needed design work to keep projects on
schedule build reviews

- Weekly -
- Add new contractors to discords
- Add new contractors into studio projects
- Add new contractors into Google Drive

- Competitive reviews
- As time allows, take on competitive “tear-downs”
- As time allows, stay on top of trends on Roblox platform in order to inform senior
producers on games and features that can help inform Gamefam projects
- Features design and special projects
- As time allows, take on features designs or special projects as assigned by senior producers
- Produce clear and thoughtful game documentation which may include layouts, UX wireframes, storyboards, systems architecture, and logic trees among other design templates that can help make features implementable for programming

- Excellent written, verbal, and organization skills
- Expert skills at MS Office
- Ability to learn new programs such as Google Drive, Game Analytics, and
Hacknplan, etc. comfortable with software basically
- Experience with complex and time-sensitive project management
- Ability to work on a time-shifted schedule to manage international contractors
- Ability and motivation to be “on-call” from time-to-time in order to manage productions and milestones
- Passion for gaming with some game design and production experience preferred