QA Engineer -

QA Engineer -

Job Title: QA Engineer

We would like the candidate to have STRONG QA qualities AND STRONG Automation experience.

Duration: 6 months (with option to Extend up to 18 months)

Job Requirements (Minimum Requirements):
Job Duties -- 50% Automation coding, 50% functional Testing
* 5+ years of experience as a QA engineer with Strong automation experience
* Must work in Agile teams for 2+ years
* Minimum of 2 years' experience with Object Oriented Programming language (Java and/or C#) - preferably Java
* Minimum of 2 years' experience with a Source Code Management system (SVN, Git, SourceSafe, etc.) - preferably GiT
* Minimum of 1 year experience with a Software Project Management system (Maven, Ant, MS Visual Studio) - preferably Maven
* Minimum of 2 years' experience with xUnit framework (JUnit and/or TestNG)
* Automation Experience is a MUST -- Need to have Selenium WebDriver Experience (No Record and playback)
* Needs to have strong SQL Skills and/or data validation
* Is familiar with BDD and/or Cucumber
* Must be able to show strong QA characteristics at all levels -- Requirements gathering, test methodology, execution, release.
* Must have excellent communication skills, is comfortable reaching out across teams as needed for clarification, etc. (Candidate will need to represent QA in agile teams)
* Has worked with Rally
* Has worked with Java and/or C++ Applications

* Code Snippet is REQUIRED during submission. -- CODE snippet needs to show that is is object oriented, scalable, and can be used at an enterprise level. We do NOT want simple webpage login code sample

Please submit resume with code snippet.