IT Network Administrator II (State of NM) -

IT Network Administrator II (State of NM) -

IT Network Administrator II (EMNRD #5359)
Santa Fe, State of New Mexico

This position is responsible for configuring, installing and maintaining local and wide area wired and wireless networks for 50+ locations; making recommendations and implementing improvements and enhancements to the department LAN/WAN; performing network performance monitoring for problems and vulnerabilities, maintenance and troubleshooting; performing scheduled inspections of all networked sites at least annually; maintaining and reviewing documentation of the network; and researching and assessing emerging technologies.

Work with ISPs and contract vendors on wide area networks to ensure reliable connectivity
Troubleshooting and maintaining the security of a network infrastructure
Manage telecommunications systems including voice and data networks
Hardware and software upgrades
Routine maintenance
Device troubleshooting, monitoring and documentation
Intrusion prevention
Device log, syslog data and web traffic review
Bandwidth and connectivity monitoring
Assist on VMware infrastructure maintenance and support

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