Grok Code? Software Engineer Wanted! -

Grok Code? Software Engineer Wanted! -

Nova Dynamics, LLC. is looking for one or more super smart, hard working programmers who want to work on a team of brilliant people and help make the world a better place! You'll live and work in Oregon's Willamette Valley, 50 minutes from the Pacific Ocean and close to skiing, kayaking, and mountain hiking. The Pacific Northwest is green year-round besides being the micro brewery capital of the world and home to a lot of smart folks.

• Salaried, full time position
• Health insurance through PacificSource
• Gym Membership
• ~ 8 paid holidays per year
• 10-12 paid vacation days per year increasing at 1, 2, 5, 10, and 15 years
• Simple IRA retirement plan
• Relocation assistance

Some college is a plus, but a degree is not required. What we mostly care about is how smart you are, and what your work ethic / personality is like. We want someone who LOVES programming, who does it because it is fun and not because it is a job. Here's what you'll look like, as our ideal candidate:

• You program in your off hours, for fun. It's a hobby as well as a living.
• You probably have other hobbies that are technical or require creative craftsmanship
• Your friends and teachers all thought you were smart...
• ...AND you worked hard enough to get good grades
• You like learning new programming languages and are familiar with several of: C/C++,
Java, PHP, Perl, Javascript, HTML5/CSS, Ruby, SQL
• You're well rounded, probably enjoying music, hiking, or some other unrelated activity
• You probably had a lot of technical skills BEFORE you went to college
If you are passionate about programming with 2-3 years minimum experience, please apply. Note that this job is 100% onsite in Oregon - no remote work or work from home.

To Apply:


Please note that some work may be done for Active911, as well as Nova Dynamics, LLC. For more information about the two companies, please visit their websites.