Technical Support Lead -

Technical Support Lead -

This position is responsible to be the first-responder to all technical support issues. This includes incoming calls, web inquiries, emails, referrals from the sales department, and on-site assistance to sales and distributors. Responsibility includes training customers and distributors over the phone, through regularly scheduled web conferences and on-site as required.


1. Respond to customer support calls and emails as a top priority in a timely fashion (1 hour or less)
2. Accurately record all interactions in our customer management software and notify corresponding RSM or service personnel when necessary
3. Ensure all technical support issues are followed through to completion
4. Assess customer equipment and setup as necessary
5. Conduct and manage web-based training sessions
6. Conduct on-site training at customer locations as needed
7. Draft, manage, update, and distribute technical support documents to staff, distributors, and customers
8. Assist in creating documentation and a support program for international customers and distributors
9. Assist with product firmware and software development and testing
10. Maintain test template for beta software testing
11. Generate and provide videos and guides as instruction to users
12. Manage special projects relating to instrumentation and software
13. Other duties as assigned


1. Strong communication skills and technical knowledge
2. Ability to understand and adapt quickly to new technologies and devices
3. Strong knowledge of Windows® operating systems
4. Strong personal relation skills
5. Ability to make independent judgments
6. Ability to set priorities, manage multiple projects, and meet deadlines
7. Must be highly organized


1. Some travel may be required to conduct training for customers and/or distributors
2. After-hour involvement may be required periodically


1. Associates Degree or equivalent
2. Two or more years in a troubleshooting/problem solving role for products of a technical nature