Low Voltage/ Security Systems Technician -

ORBIT is looking for employees who are qualified to install, repair, troubleshoot and configure low voltage systems (cameras, CCTV, access control, security and intercom systems, network cabling).

- Candidates should have at least 2-year experience or previous training in low voltage.

- Strong work ethic, dependable, and trustworthy, good communication skills, service-oriented. Able to manage themselves independently on a job site, keep track of issued tools and company equipment.

- Our projects typically run throughout the five boroughs on multiple locations. Candidate must be willing to travel.

* Full Time (Mon-Fri)

* Candidates must have a clean driver's license.

* Must be Are authorized to work in the United States!

* Training and transportation will be provided after a trial period.

* Occasional overtime work available.

***This position is not an IT-Tech/ Tech support-oriented position and requires the physical ability and skills of an experienced technician.

Please respond by email and send a resume.

Availability: January 2020.

For more information regarding the position, you may contact our project manager: 646-519-2757