Webmaster/Marketer -

Webmaster/Marketer -

We are a law firm, located in Troy, Michigan. We specialize in several different areas-of-law, including, but not limited to, Personal Injury and Mass Torts.

We are looking for a Webmaster/Marketer to maintain our websites and servers to meet user needs. You will be responsible for making sites easy-to-use, attractive, and secure. In addition, you will be managing all of our social media outlets, and be resposible for other advertisements and purchasing for marketing efforts.

In this role, you should be detail-oriented and an excellent communicator. Balancing a creative eye with an analytical mind is essential. If you also have a strong techinical background, we'd like to meet you.

Ultimately, you will ensure the functionality and efficiency of our infrastructure and marketing campaigns.

Responsibilities will include:
-Maintain an inventory of advertisements and manage the ad server software
-Debug issues that arise with the performance of our websites
-Interface for performance issues
-Troubleshoot the site
-Review statistics and monitor analytics
-Maintain responsive design
-Plan for future changes to our websites
-Maintain and update our social media outlets and blogs
-Manage our pay-per-clicks
-Purchasing regarding advertisments

Expertise in the following areas:
-Microsoft SQL Server
-Social Media Outlets
-Common Programming Languages

If this sounds like a good fit for you, please submit a cover letter with your salary requiremensts, along with your resume.