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The adage of "It's who you know, not what you know" really is difficult to reconcile when you feel like you have no network to get to your next career step.

Over the past 12 years, I heard this advice a lot as I moved around from city to city—both in the US and abroad. With every move, I had to rebuild my network, and it was *really* difficult each time.

If you're someone who's ever experienced a life transition, like a career change, having a child, or deciding to return to work after taking an extended leave, then this story is probably all too familiar.

If you're a woman, minority, or person with a non-traditional background which, when combined, represents the majority of the U.S. population, then it's *really* difficult to make any change because people already have these preconceived notions about you.

It's not an excuse, but an acknowledgment that biases are our reality.

Our reality is harsh on the job search. And we all could use help in fending off common biases in our job search so we can overcome the challenges we face in our transitions.

That's why we built JobFit - to help people in transition broaden the "who you know," so you can show them your "what you know." We primarily assist people who are interested in transitioning to a new city for their next career step.

Whether you want to move for family, a change of scenery, or better opportunities, our goal is to help people find job referrals in cities where they want to work.

Find any job referral for any specific job to any particular company.

Our process of applying for job referrals is simple.

1. Find a company where you want a job referral.
2. Anonymously answer a few questions on what interested you about the company. Anonymity is to protect you from bias against your location, among other hiring bias.
3. A non-recruiter employee at the company will review your answers. If the employee likes your responses, they gain access to your name and resume for the job referral.

Here are some job referrals you can directly start connecting to right away:

For a job referral to DroneDeploy -

For a job referral to Intel -

For a job referral to Accenture -

For a job referral to Google -

For a job referral at our company JobFit -

We have resources to get you more job referrals to anywhere you want. You can explore other jobs in the remaining 70,000 companies in our network. Don't let your location limit your goals. You can even find job referrals for remote jobs if you wish.

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