eCommerce Quality Assurance Professional -

Wanted: eCommerce QA Magician


You’re more than capable. You’re the one your teammates talk about in hushed tones. “How did he/she DO that?!?” “Is that even possible!?!”

You’re able to make things work when others crumble under the pressure. You’re beyond just being “motivated” or a “self-starter”. We know that when we toss you the keys you’re going to excel and exceed our expectations. Because that’s what you do.

You’re a grown up. You know how to hit your deadlines, and stay in touch when things get tricky. You’re a professional. You don’t need us to babysit you or tie your shoes. You’ll be telecommuting, and you’ll handle that responsibility like a champ.

Oh, and you know how to communicate too. Because it’s better to say “No” right now, than it is to say “Yes” and screw something up six months down the line because you were afraid to speak your truth.


We’re the employer you dreamed about while you were in college. Yep, we “get” you. We’ll recognize your wins, and reward you for them. We’ll help coach you past your weak points. We all have them. And we’re okay if you’re able to help us find our weak points too. We’re secretly hoping to find a new best friend and growth partner.

If you’re capable and you have the personality to help us drive this thing forward instead of us having to drag you, we want to have a conversation. Send a resume, and do it quick, before somebody else does.
PS- Let me repeat. PLEASE have a personality. You’ll find us a charming, fun environment to work and grow. If you’re capable, we’ll be your biggest cheerleaders and help drive you to every success.

PPS- We also need you to have some relevant experience.
As a Quality Assurance Professional you will:
Design and executive test plans on computer applications
Record and document results and compare to expected results
Detect issues / failures so that defects may be reproducible and corrected
Generate historical analysis of test results
Document anomalies and issues
Maintain itemized history of software defects
Examine code and execution of code in various environments
Verify specific action or function of code
Operate and maintain automated test frameworks
Develop and document application test plans based on software requirements and technical specifications
Participate in planning meetings
Ensure data integrity standards
Perform reviews, walk-through, or inspection

This opportunity is for you if you have:
Completed a Bachelor's degree
Must be able to use automated quality assurance testing software like Selenium and soapUI
Why this opportunity is great:
Be part of an experienced, energetic team working on a rapid, agile development schedule
Competitive salary
Opportunity for growth in the company

Please submit your resume as an attachment.