Escape Room Technician -

Quest Factor LLC – Seattle, WA

Who We Are:

Quest Factor is an escape room company that started in Seattle in 2017. They have since grown to have four different locations around the Greater Seattle Area with twelve total escape rooms. For more information about Quest Factor or escape rooms in general, please visit

Job Description:

Part-Time, On-Call, Flexible schedule.

Job Summary:

Great internship and part-time job opportunity for robotics enthusiast.
Quest Factor provides entertaining escape room game experiences, which challenge our customers to use their critical thinking skills and their imaginations as they cooperate to complete each quest. Our rooms stand out amongst competitors due to their exceptional craftsmanship and the creative technology we use behind-the-scenes, giving customers an immersive and magical experience.
We are looking for individuals who are imaginative, curious and motivated to help us maintain, improve, and create new puzzle games for our escape rooms. Escape Room Technicians are in charge of the overall status of all electronic components in our rooms, so responsibilities include debugging a wide variety of problems and implementing solutions in both hardware and software. Candidates should be confident in their understanding of electrical circuits and embedded systems, as well as excited to expand their knowledge of new systems.

Responsibilities and Duties:

• Write, edit, and deploy scripts or firmware as required for puzzle development and improvements.
• Design, build and install electronic circuits for puzzles.
• Work directly with management to determine the most urgent puzzle repairs and improvements required to give customers the best possible experience.
• Travel between Quest Factor’s four locations (in Redmond, Shoreline, the University District, and South Lake Union) to repair broken puzzles, upgrade the durability or design of existing puzzles, or install new puzzles.
• Communicate regularly with other staff members to learn about any problems customers are experiencing with puzzles and the best way to redesign or fix the problematic items. This includes keeping up-to-date with messages through employee WhatsApp groups.
• If there are any extremely urgent puzzle problems that prevent customers from playing the game, the Escape Room Technician must make a plan to resolve the issue within one business day, either by coordinating with other staff or by fixing the issue directly.
• Maintain an inventory of tools and supplies required to complete repairs. Communicate with management when new components are needed.
Qualifications and Skills:
• Proficiency with Arduino programming (C++) and construction of circuitry using Arduino microcontrollers and various common sensors
• Familiarity with Raspberry Pi and Linux
• Familiarity with Python
• Familiarity with common electric circuit components (digital and analog)
• Ability to solder
• Exceptional ability to diagnose problems in complex systems
• Excellent communication skills
• Ability to manage time well and prioritize tasks
• Enthusiasm for learning and acquiring new skills in the areas of electronics and computer programming

To apply, email a resume and letter explaining your interest to George at