Cloud Engineers Wanted -

Cloud Engineers Wanted -

CariNet, San Diego's original and most trusted ISP-Colocation Provider, is launching the first wholly dedicated Cloud Centers in Southern California, and seeking motivated IT Professionals who want to make the leap to the fastest growing and most innovative industry on the planet today.

The world is automating at a break-neck speed and CariNet is in the epicenter. We design, build, manage, host, grow, monitor, support, and develop solutions in our own Cloud Centers as well as External Clouds. From configuring the IP address to writing custom automation code, we do it all.

Your primary roll will be to ensure our Cloud Centers Alpha and Bravo are 100% available from power to systems, 24 hours a day all year long. No downtime. No data loss. Sounds simple, right?! The array of skills to make that happen are known by few IT professionals, but desired by all.

The old model required Data Center Engineers who could manage 100's of servers per employee.

The new model requires Cloud Engineers to manage 1000's of servers per employee, often remotely virtualized.

There is literally is NO hotter skill set in today's crowded IT environment.

Many apply, but few are chosen as CariNet Cloud Engineers

We have only a few slots available, so come show us your IT mastery.

Cloud Apprentice => Cloud Engineer => Cloud DevOps => Cloud Master

If you are self-motivated and driven to succeed, and have the world's best attitude, arrive with no skills and perhaps you will be selected as a Cloud Apprentice.

Unless you are already a Cloud Master, expect to start anywhere from $72,000 to $32,000 annual salary, depending on your skill and aptitude package.

We are stewards of Cloud IT. Are you?