Field Service Technician -

Field Service Technician -

Qualifications: Flexible schedule, some travel, valid driver's license and reliable transportation required. No criminal background. Drug free. Clean driving record. High school diploma, GED or technical certificate required. Minimum 1 year experience in the field service industry or its equivalent. Applicant should have experience with low voltage electronics, ability to use a multi-meter and basic hand tools, read and understand instructions and schematics. Capable of lifting at least 40 lbs., can climb ladders, work in tight spaces and all temperatures. Works best in a hands-on environment, can work with teams, willing to grow with the company, takes great pride in his/her work. Quality craftsmanship is a must. Hourly, full-time position. Wage rates are based on the value you bring to the table

Job Summary: The Technician I is an entry level aspiring technician who is responsible for installing and troubleshooting the multitude of systems that 2Krew installs. The Technician works side by side with other technicians in a team effort to solve problems. Responsible for installing, Testing and servicing low voltage electronic equipment in commercial and residential environments as instructed. Regularly communicates with the administrative office and supervisor to report job status. The Technician performs associated duties in the field and shop, delivers and picks up supplies and materials from distributor when required. Records and documents all work activity on appropriate forms.

Duties and Responsibilities:

• Reads, understands and accurately interprets blueprints and schematics.
• Prepares for jobs by organizing equipment and reading work orders.
• Stocks vehicles with required equipment.
• Reads service and installation tickets and accurately executes work orders.
• Travels to job site.

• Evaluates information furnished for the job, asks questions, and gets involved with projects, offers solutions and personal input to complete the task most effectively and efficiently.
• Installs all types of residential and commercial low voltage wiring, which include: burglar alarms, video surveillance, access control, audio, video, fire alarm systems, data/voice and wireless networks.
• Promptly reports defective material or equipment, inaccuracies or omissions in job information that may result in future problems or safety issues.
• Determines practical routes for wiring cable, installing devices.
• Assists in inspections and system testing.
• Makes connections and required adjustments as directed.
• Tests operations of all components of each installation.
• Works cooperatively with supervisor and team.
• Follows job/work order instructions.
• Uses sound judgment to determine the best use of time and materials.
• Installs and connects equipment based upon manufacturer's recommended instructions and compliance with local building codes.
• Installs, dismantles and reconstructs low voltage electronic equipment required by customer or 2 Krew order.
• Locates, troubleshoots and repairs any problematic components, equipment and wiring.
• Repairs or replaces inoperative equipment and tests for operation as directed.
• Reports all issues to supervisor.
• Follows safety practices to safeguard against injury and damage to property.
• Safeguards against loss of unused materials, ladders, and tools on a job site or office location.
• Maintains safe and clean work environment.

• Tests all installed system components.
• Cleans up debris from installation, patches drill holes and returns unused materials.
• Returns all tools to their proper locations (i.e., tool bags, van, shop, etc.).
• Performs walk-through with supervisor to ensure jobsite condition.
• Performs other duties as required by supervisor.

• Effectively communicates with all staff and management.
• Completes any and all paperwork required for the job or task.
• Contributes to team effort by accomplishing related results as needed.
• Completes and submits timesheets and expense reports as required.
• Adheres to the firm's ethics and privacy policies.
• Follows applicable company policies and procedures.
• Attends and participates in all mandatory company meetings.
• Maintains a clean work vehicle and assists in organization and upkeep.
• Participates in the continual improvement or systems, processes, policies, procedures and materials relating to the operation of the company.
• Performs all other requested work as directed by the officers relating to any other special situations.