IT Intern -

IT Intern -

• Learn and develop skills in information technology to include networking of computers, system backups/restore, preventative maintenance, troubleshooting, WAN, LAN, Wi-Fi, mobile devices, etc.
• Develop skills to communicate with IT professionals
• Assist IT staff in performing desktop backup/restore and maintenance functions
• Assist/Learn installation of PC hardware and software
• Assist/Learn network and hardware troubleshooting
• Assist in performing preventative maintenance and upgrades
• Assist Network Engineer (or designee) with current projects
• Perform special projects as determined by the information systems staff
• Assist in analysis for projects/research for solutions for needs
• Assist in updating user and technical documentation
• Create detailed reports
• Gain hands on practical experience to a full gamut of Help Desk roles and responsibilities

Personal Development
• Develop planning, organizational and time management skills
• Increase knowledge of computer skills and technology
• Develop team-based work competencies
• Develop interpersonal skills in order to communicate with employees
• Develop interpersonal skills in order to communicate with day-to-day business contacts through follow up calls
• Develop interpersonal skills in order to communicate with external vendors

• Local college juniors and seniors with a 2 5 GPA or better
• Energetic, organized and detailed skilled with today's technology
• Highly developed interpersonal skills and the ability to work well in a team-based environment
• Independent worker
• Ability to dedicate between 10-15 hours per week to this intern program

• The primary incentive in this program is the opportunity to investigate a career opportunity in the IT industry with hands on experience prior to graduation
• Once completed, the intern will have sufficient knowledge necessary to determine if a career in the IT industry is the right opportunity to pursue
• You will work directly with the Director or supervisor in small to large scale projects
• You will develop skills vitally important in today's business environment including team-based interaction, the ability to manage outcome without having direct authority over others
• You will gain a full understanding of the day-to-day IT operations of a medium size organization

Work Schedule
• An intern should expect to spend a minimum of 10-15 hours per week in structured activities in our local office
• On the job training will occur daily at the direction of the intern supervisor
• Schedule will be flexible based on student schedule and academic responsibilities related to current semester course load