Creator: Create Sites [Wordpress?] Make Basic Videos, Writing,Research -

Creator: Create Sites [Wordpress?] Make Basic Videos, Writing,Research -

Experimental position. Help build one or more new ventures. Have fun. Create things. Sell things. Pursue ideas. Earn a living.

You Must Be Able to:
-Create websites...probably using wordpress. Have experience doing this. Some basic SEO etc would be helpful.
-Assemble / edit basic videos
-Be creative. Be interested and able to write. Be interested in sales and marketing.
-Do research. Be a reader. Be interested in books and information. Be able to make calls and get information on products and services.
-Some storytelling skills, interest or aptitude would be cool.

My story...
I have a brick and mortar biz that does about $1.3m per year in sales. It's a bit boring...but you will work on the marketing for that business some.

YOU WILL ALSO NEED TO COVER that office manager desk when the office manager is sick or out of the office. That involves answering phone calls, scheduling jobs, sending proposals, etc. This would never be more than one week at a time and never more than a few weeks per year.

Then...we'll pursue ideas. Some will only be a little interesting. Others might be more exciting. I can write copy that works, do adwords, some seo, and build a business.

I have dozens of ideas that could turn into businesses...and you'll work on developing them and see what sticks.

It's experimental. It might fail miserably. It might turn into a career. It might even lead to equity, ownership, etc.

Anything could happen.

Compensation is salary. Amount is flexible...but I am thinking $30-$50k. Could always go up...or way up...depending on how things play out.

M-F, 8-5, Office near 6th and Simms in Lakewood.

If interested...send resume...but also tell me about yourself. Do you have clear experience using web editors to create websites? Are you working now? How much do you want to make? What part of town do you live in? Are you okay with covering the other work by taking calls, solving problems, doing paperwork, etc?