Like Sports, Love Coding ? -

Full-stack Web Developer:

We need a new Dev with a lot of G.A.S. left in their tank ... G.A.S. has nothing to do with fuel ... it has to do with

Give A Sh*t

about the quality of your work.

League Lab is looking for a full-stack developer who wants to commit to a single company, and live the platform on a daily basis for the next 3 years.

League Lab ( is a SaaS business platform for running adult recreational sports leagues nationwide. You'll be joining a small, fast-moving team, and you will have a ton of responsibility and accountability in impacting entreprenuers across the counrty by shipping new features.

League Lab's Freemont office is shared with Underdog Sports Leagues, which is also a key customer. The environment is laid back and innovative, which enables the "Lab" in League Lab, so we can constantly test and try new ideas for managing sports leagues. You might even currently play in a sports league or an intramural program like Underdog, which would help you understand the social impact we aim for with our software platform.

About You:

- You're always learning and enjoy solving new problems, technical and otherwise
- You sweat the details and realize mastery is about nailing the simple stuff first.
- You communicate effectively and are able to manage complex projects
- You strive to be in tune with users, and watch the product out at the fields in action instead of on a whiteboard.
- Your default setting is curiosity, not micromanagement
- To you, a confused user is a challenge rather than an excuse
- You don't wish customers were easier, you wish the platform was better.
- You love sports (or at least delivering fun)

Why Come Work With Us?

- We are a small team where your voice and work will matter.
- You'll take features all the way from idea to deployment
- Your work will ship to users often, it'll brighten their day, and you'll hear about it (quickly)
- Working for sports leagues is way more fun than most jobs (we think)
- You can literally help entrepreneurs, players, and captains save time and have more fun


- Develop new features, enhancements, and bug fixes
- Solve Problems
- Assist front-line support with customer service
- Manage and monitor our infrastructure on AWS
- Release your own code and respond quickly to any issues

Tech Skills

Comfortable with linux, including server administration and shell scripting
Ability to develop interactive web applications, front- and back-end
Mastery of one or more c-based OOP languages, ideally PHP
Experience with one or more RDBMS, Mysql a plus
Familiar with distributed version control

Technologies We Use

Javascript / JQuery
Git (Bitbucket)
Linux (Ubuntu)

To apply for this position, please reply to this post with "I want to help run leagues easier" as the Subject Line - and in addition to your background and resume' please include a short paragraph on an issue you are most proud of in the last year that helped saved time and make things simpler.

We look forward to your email.