Chief Technology Officer for Green Flower Media -

Chief Technology Officer for Green Flower Media -

The Green Flower Chief Technology Officer (CTO) is the primary driver for managing innovation through technology at Green Flower. The position leads the use of technology to maximize the overall effectiveness of Green Flower's opportunities and is the driver of the innovation process inside of Green Flower that identifies strategies, business opportunities, and new capabilities (independently or with partners) to use technology to implement market leading offerings.

The CTO leads in using radical or breakthrough technology innovation that includes a media delivering technology platform, integration with traffic and knowledge throughout the popular social media platforms, utilizing the unlimited access to meaningful data, and delivering a user experience that excites each of the targeted audiences.

The CTO is responsible for maintaining organizational technological strategy, defining the requirements for new technology implementations and communicating them to key business stakeholders. Additional responsibilities include managing the engineering efforts, hosting / data center operations, and co-chairing the product planning committee with the CMO.

The CTO is responsible for organizational leadership on technology issues, management of the technology research and review function, ensuring the alignment of technology vision with business strategy, and for driving technology innovation throughout the entire organization. The position is responsible for tracking new technology developments in areas of interest to the organization to ensure that it maintains a technological edge within the industry, analyzing and improving upon technology standards and maintaining organizational awareness of new technologies.


Prior successful experience as a leader in all the major technology elements of the role is preferred in both a startup and midsize organization.


The successful candidate has shown consistent progressive success with some intermittent shortcomings (to show growth and risk taking) while flourishing in an evolving unstructured environment. Their proven ability "to win" has been repeated in multiple roles while performing in a limited resource environment where they must struggle with prioritized tradeoffs.

This is a full-time role located in Ventura, CA looking to start immediately.
To apply, please follow these steps exactly:
1. Send us your resume
2. Let us know how you feel being a part of a start-up
3. Tell us your thoughts on cannabis

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