Computer Monitor & PC Technician -

LCD Technician:

We are an eCommerce-based company looking for a dedicated, well-knowledgeable, tech-focused, technician for our LCD monitors.

You will be working within a larger team of technicians so the potential for growth is there for any candidate willing to show what it takes to succeed.

The duties of this position are;
Separate and Sort LCDs by Make/Models and capture basic information regarding each unit (Manufacturer, Serial Number, Series, and Model)
Scan each LCD into its associated area and begin testing each unit.
Plug the LCD into PC using a VGA, DVI, DP, or HDMI cable to discover the picture
If a picture appears, you will examine for any defects
Once examined, the LCD, depending on the defects, will scanned into another area
Repeat the process for other LCDs and continue

It is a very basic, straight-forward, position that requires the following;
Ability to lift LCDs 10-15 LBs continuously throughout the day
Ability to read and enter data within our software accurately
Attention to detail
Basic understanding of PCs and LCD monitors in general

If you have other skills regarding refurbishment, let us know as we are hiring for techs in general.

Compensation: $13-$16 depending on experience
Monday - Friday 8 AM-5 PM