Security and Data Integrity Engineer -

Security and Data Integrity Engineer -

Position Summary:

The IT Security & Data Integrity Engineer's role is to install, manage, update, support and monitor IT security and data backup systems and software for KQED. These include all server and client endpoints and enterprise backup solutions. The IT Security & Data Integrity Engineer works closely with the rest of the IT team as a Tier 2 level support resource, and serves as a partner to other technical units within KQED requiring system security and operational expertise.

Essential Functions:
1.Manage all IT enterprise security schemas and endpoint solutions.
2.Design and maintain enterprise backup schemas and solutions, and ensure the integrity of all IT enterprise backups.
3.Identify, troubleshoot, and resolve hardware and security software issues on networked equipment, servers and workstations.
4.Oversee IT security asset management and schemas, including maintenance of security solutions and software, and maintain related documentation.
5.Implement and maintain security monitoring solutions to ensure real-time threat detection and mitigation.
6.Design and maintain security solution life-cycles.

1.Manage and monitor all enterprise endpoint security solutions, schemas and appliances (Carbon Black, McAfee, FireEye, etc.)
2.Lead ongoing review and improvement of IT security policies and procedures.
3.Lead periodic security penetration testing with partner security vendors.
4.Continually monitor and audit endpoint security behavior and trends across the organization.

Knowledge/Experience Required:
1.Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or equivalent work experience highly preferred;
2.At least three years work experience in IT endpoint security support and implementation preferred;
3.At least three years work experience with enterprise backup solutions and schemas;
4.Ability to lift up to 30 pounds or less and pull network cabling;
5.Detailed-oriented and have quick diagnostic skills;
6.Very strong technical aptitude to learn technology quickly and apply learned principles;
7.Strong communication skills - both written and oral as well as solid analytical skills;
8.Ability to interact within group environments and capable of leading group direction;
9.Willing to be on-call and work nights and/or weekends, if necessary;

1.Manage and monitor all enterprise data backup hardware, software and solutions (NetBackup, Veeam, etc.)
2.Develop and maintain system documentation and procedures.
3.Participate in negotiations with vendors to secure products and services.

Knowledge/Experience Desired:
1.Experience with NetBackup, Carbon Black (Bit9), FireEye, McAfee EPO;
2.Work experience in conducting technical training a plus;
3.Linux system administration a plus;

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