Entry Level Web Programmer - C#, VB, JavaScript, HTML, and/or SQL -

Entry Level Web Programmer - C#, VB, JavaScript, HTML, and/or SQL -

We like making a difference in other workers lives. We strive to help sales teams sell more, and operations teams work more efficiently. It's our unique ability to help others with technology that makes us happy to come to work every day. And we are growing.

Have you been a 'programmer' since high school? Are you bored and not challenged in your current job or classwork? Are you looking to get started in your career right now? We are currently looking for you if you are a go-to, self-starter willing to learn a ton in a short period of time. What we offer is simple - come join our team as an entry-level programmer today and learn the skills to being a highly-paid consultant over the next couple of years.

This position is more than just a programmer - it requires the desire to continually learn with the calmness and passion for working in a high-pace environment. We use tools and systems like ASP.Net, Microsoft CRM and SharePoint, and Salesforce.com to solve our customer's business challenges. If you don't know any of these, you'll will learn them - BUT you MUST be able to program. . .we will not teach you how to be a programmer (as an fyi - you will be tested in some language).

We hire for culture - and are looking for someone who can not only get along well with others, but also loves a challenge. We don't have time to hand-hold people when they start; they need to roll up their sleeves and "get busy" from day one. This is also a 'people-person' position as you will be working in a collaborative team atmosphere. If you can do that, then you will be a great asset to us.

If you are interested, please send a cover letter (or just a nice email) detailing a little about yourself, and why you think we would be a good fit for you. In addition, please send a copy of your current resume and your current salary requirements.

Please note - we do not read resumes that do not have cover letters or an introduction email of some kind sent along with it. So please take the time to help us understand a little more about you.

PS - If you are already a seasoned consultant and have Microsoft CRM, SharePoint, ASP.NET, or Salesforce.com experience, we would LOVE to talk to you... Please feel free to reply...