***Seeking Tech Genius*** for Fun Personal Development Company -

***Seeking Tech Genius*** for Fun Personal Development Company -

Rockstar Tech Virtual Assistant for Fun Personal Development Company

Does this sound like you? You're whip-smart. Highly organized & motivated. Fast & accurate. And a DIYer who can teach yourself *anything* with ease. Am I talking about you? Then read on, my friend!


We're looking for a rockstar tech. VA who will be responsible for executing effective marketing strategies (setting up & fine-tuning webinars - GoToWebinar), assisting with campaign development (Active Response), updating & maintaining our websites (both Wordpress), analyzing the effectiveness of each campaign and developing our lead generation programs (might help up with our Facebook campaigns).

We're looking for a driven, dependable, efficient, ambitious individual who is quick & eager to learn new systems while supporting us by doing general tech support. We provide extensive training, guidance, and support, as well as the opportunity to experience the online industry from the inside and gain valuable work experience.

As a start-up company, we're relying on you to be our "go-to" person for all our technical needs, so we need someone who is going to be responsive, positive, and eager to tackle new projects as needed.


We're a super fun and caring digital publishing company that empowers others through positive psychology, personal development, team-building techniques, and humor. (See www.bonniefahy.com for more.) Our flagship digital course, Source it!, was featured in Forbes as "the world's premier education in online hiring and outsourcing for entrepreneurs," and went to a multi-six figure level in our first six months of launching. Now we're looking for a key player to grow with us as we expand to 7 figures - and take bragging rights for getting us there!


    • Problem-solver - You love solving problems and puzzles and enjoy teaching yourself new skills. If a manual is nearby and there's a help section, you can master it. You don't get freaked out when faced with a task you don't quite understand. In fact, you love to learn new things! (This skill is critical for this position)
    • Great communicator - You're a crystal-clear communicator who can get the point across kindly, but assertively.
    • Tech-savvy - You don't need to be a pro at programs and apps we use, but you do need to be confident in your ability to pick up new software and apps very quickly.
    • Excellent writing skills- You're comfortable developing basic copy for a number of different mediums, including e-mails, blogs, social media posts, etc.
    • High integrity - Friends and family would describe you as: upbeat, hardworking, honest to a fault, and 10,000% reliable. Missing a deadline is crazy-talk to you.
    • Great attention to detail - We value high quality and brand quality. Bonnie (the person writing this ad), is a visionary who loves new ideas but doesn't love the details. She needs your watchful eye to ensure our brand is on-point.
    • Organized is your middle name - Your life is color-coded on your Google Calendar, and you're always three steps ahead of the game. You can multitask, prioritize, and juggle multiple components of a project with ease.
    • Independent worker - You're totally self-motivated. This will come in handy because you'll work independently with very little supervision. An ability to manage your time well, be accountable, adhere to a schedule, and meet deadlines is critical.
    • Radiate positivity - You're a pleasure to work with. You radiate positivity and know that ALL problems have a solution that isn't too far away if you simply take a deep breath and remind yourself: you've got this.
    • You have a great eye for design- It's helpful if you have an eye for design as you may be asked to gather work with our designer or choose a video editor. 


Sample Projects & Responsibilities:

  • Funnel Optimizer - Facebook Ads management will be a big part of this position, and eventually we'll want you to set up systems and processes for our staff. You should be able to troubleshoot basic tech issues like Zapier integrations, setting up shopping carts, webinars and funnel management, and understanding error codes & what to do with them.
  • Launch Live Webinars Smoothly - We're launching a live webinar. You'll be in charge of the tech person who can help us get this executed quickly + efficiently. You'll also be the person to check to see that every e-mail is sent out correctly and there are no glaring errors that could cost us sales.
  • Create a Podcast / YouTube Content Syndication System - Every week we'll deliver content that will thrill, uplift and inspire our audience to live their best life while they're still alive 😉 You'll help create a weekly content syndication system that includes e-mail and social and help decide what's the most cost-effective and efficient way to deliver it using our global team + local freelancers.
  • Affiliate Program -Our customers love our product and now it's time to expand our reach. You'll build out an affiliate system so it can be shared by other thought-leaders.
  • Hire Interns + Offshore VA's + Local Freelancers - You'll be given our signature hiring process and then you'll run with it. You'll find hardworking A-players who can drive key parts of our business.

Requirements & Responsibilities:

Here's what you'll love about this role:

    1. You'll get paid to do what you love: you'll watch from backstage, knowing that the show was able to go on because of all your behind-the-scenes work
    2. You'll learn non-stop - You'll learn the ins and outs of online marketing, content development, cutting-edge lead generation techniques, how to build a thriving community in record time, and so much more.
    3. You'll be part of an incredible team - We're firm believers in the power of kindness in the workplace and are dedicated to uplifting, supporting, and growing every person on our team while we get incredible results.
    4. You'll help change lives - You'll read thank you notes from customers who write about what their lives were like before and after being exposed to the material that we create, and you'll get a HUGE glow in knowing you were key executor in this process.


  • This a remote contract position
  • Hours are flexible - Up to 20 hours a week; we're flexible & willing to work with your availability to make this a win-win.


  1. Please fill out this job application here:


  1. Please send your resume, website, or Linkedin. Please address all postings to Bonnie at admin@ellanmedia.com using the subject: [Your Name] - Rockstar VA

DOE: Competitive based on experience