Helpdesk support for a growing IT support provider -

Helpdesk support for a growing IT support provider -

We are hiring for a full-time helpdesk position. The right candidate will be a "jack of all trades" within IT with experience in both supporting Windows computers, Apple computers, mobile devices, printers, wireless access points, and preferably also some experience working with servers, virtualization, network security, VPN's, and other networking related items. You do not need to be an expert in these areas, but should not be a complete noob either!

This position is perfect for someone that is driven to grow in their career and has great ambition. It is important that this person be intelligent and able to think quickly on their feet. Knowledge of how to properly isolate a problem and troubleshoot it to completion is a must. A friendly personality and good "bedside manner" is desired but not required. We're techies after all! What is required though is a good work ethic. My least favorite phrase in the world is "that's not my job". We are a small company and are looking for someone that is willing to go above and beyond and truly rise to any occasion.

Because we are a small company, and growing quickly, there is a lot of long term potential for growth here! We value nurturing a good culture and our people. We will always look to promote from within before looking outside the company whenever possible.

Oh yeah, and you must love Star Wars! No, I'm only kidding, but it definitely doesn't hurt!

If this sounds like it's up your alley, please email me with your resume. I will look through it and setup an initial phone call interview if you seem to meet the criteria.