The 10 Best Tech Jobs Available

Some of you may be wondering after our most recent post, why were some jobs considered better than others. We know that it takes more than a fancy title to get you to fill out an application. There are so many elements of choosing of job. In order to choose a position that is just right for you, you need to know a few stats and background information. Have no fear, we have provided a little more details about each position to make your job search – that much easier.


Coming in at the tenth on the list, the computer programmer position has barely made it on the list at all. Due to outsourcing, many companies are saving money in this department by hiring programmers from other countries. The median salary for this position is $60,842 and the unemployment rate is 3.5%.
Computer Programmer (United States)
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With an average wage of about $23.00 an hour, a network and computer systems administrator makes at least $10,000 more than the computer programmer. The median salary for this position is $82,000 with the highest paying jobs located in these three California cities: San Jose, San Francisco and Oakland. The unemployment rate is at 3.1%.


Eight would be great, if this was Myspace – then a computer support specialist would be at the top of the list! Though the median salary is less than that of a computer programmer, $17,280 to be exact (the median salary is $62,250), there are more jobs available for this position. Between that same period of 2014-2014, unlike that of a computer programmer, the job market is set to expand and create at least 88,000 more jobs. TAKE THAT – computer programmer.


We are moving on UP and I can tell cause the money is getting longer. We are almost in the six figures with this one. The median salary for an information security analyst is $90,120$. Also, in similarity with the eight listing, the job market is expected to expand between 2014-2014. There is a projected increase of at least 14,000 more jobs within the said time frame. What a time to be alive!


We will just continue to more in the onward and upward motion with our 6th entry. The upward motion for this position lies in between the years of 2014-2024, there is an 11% projected increase in the job market. A steady growth like that will cause on estimate at least 13,400 more jobs by 2014. Yet, the downward motion comes in comparison with the information security analyst because the median salary for this position is only $81,710.


We are halfway through the list now and things are looking great! This is the first job on the listing that has stepped into six figures! The median salary for the computer network architect $100,240 and the job market is only looking to grow. Between the years of 2014-2024, this profession is growing at the rate of 9%, which will cause an increase of 12,700 new jobs!


This may be a shocker, coming in at the fourth best technology job, but the median salary for this position is only $64,970! That is a huge pay cut in comparison to the computer network architect, yet the web developer still ranks higher. The reason for this is because during in between the years of 2014 – 2024 with an estimated rate of growth at 27%, there are an estimated 39,500 new jobs to be had by 2024. I see a promising future for the web developer.


The highest median salary on our list goes to the IT manager. The median salary for the IT manager is $131,600. This one is all about the Benjamin’s! With a little help from the ever-growing and changing health care industry, which will assist in the growing IT market, there is an estimated 53,700 jobs that will be filled by 2024.


WE NEED YOU GUYS NOW! In current high demand, we have go the software developer coming in as the second best tech job out there. With a median salary of $98,260 being a software developer doesn’t sound too bad. Not to mention, out of all listed occupations, this one is growing the fastest. There is a projected growth of 135,300 jobs that will be filled from 2014 to 2024.


Though a software developer sounded like the best option out there, we all know that almost just doesn’t count. Let’s see how the number one tech job on the market stands out against the rest. Despite not having the highest numbers, due to the range of skill needed to fill this position, the computer systems analyst has ranked in at number one. With a median salary of $85,800 and 118,600 new projected jobs by 2024, this position still does not have the best numbers. Yet, with a 21% rate of employment growth, this position is said to grow quicker than your average!
Computer Systems Analyst (United States)
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Hopefully our detailed listing has made your job search a little easier! Happy Hunting, Procomport.
Sources: U.S. News PayScale  

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