2019 Tech Salaries - Where do I fit?

Popular tech staffing site Dice.com has released their annual 2019 Tech Salary Report  recently and the results are not exactly what you think. Procomport has taken the time to analyze these results and assist you on making the best decisions related to your tech career.

It's all about the Benjamins?... not really

According to the report "70% of tech professionals would take the same job with a different company for as little as a 15% salary increase" Simply put in tech money isn't the only driving factor in attracting talent, contrary to popular belief money doesn't bring happiness in the workplace but working conditions and personal growth do. Tech professionals are at the forefront of an ever evolving scene, new products, software, services, and companies pop up all the time so you'll have to try a bit harder to woo over potential employees than offering a fatter paycheck. Certain perks like flexible schedules and employer provided training are a start in this article it's proven that "52% of tech pros would take a pay cut to work remote more often" which is pretty remarkable, think of it half the work force would take a pay cut to have the flexibility of working from home. Hopefully employers will look at this report and implement such practices in their benefits packages, it's also a good thing to look for as a job seeker because it's a very good indicator on how invested a company is in their employees.

But... what about the Benjamins?

In the report it was found that over 2018 wages for tech professionals didn't go up by much money wise but the benefits they did get were significantly better. Overall in 2018 the increase in average salary was only about a +0.6% change compared to a +0.7% change from 2016 to 2017. Now if you're going to go straight for the big bucks in the report the top 3 paying skills are
  1. Golang - The Go Programming Language
  2. Kafka - Distributed Steaming Platform - For real-time data feeds.
  3. Amazon DynamoDB - High availability database.
Learn any of these 3 skills and guarantee you'll be in the $120k+ a year bracket. As for location, well if remote working is out of the question the top 3 cities in the US to work in tech are.
  1. Silicon Valley - (No surprise there)
  2. Seattle, WA
  3. San Diego, CA
All 3 cities according to the report boasting an average of greater than $100k a year for tech professionals.

Procomport, comes to save the day.

Procomport has made your task in finding tech jobs easier than ever it's literally a map of jobs. If your current employer doesn't allow for remote working or is entirely too far from your home, well find a closer job! Procomport's location based job tool is the easiest way to find local jobs in your area. Oh did we mention, you can also find local talent for hire too! Yes not only is it a map of jobs but it is also a map of tech professionals! If you register you'll no longer be limited to only 500 records on the map and you can also post jobs on the map for people to find.  

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