The Cloud? What is it? - The 5 minute guide to "The Cloud"

 Since you're here you must be wondering, what the cloud is and how possibly too afraid to ask. Well Procomport has your back we have put together a very short read on what the cloud is in such a way that even your grandparents will be able to understand it. In 5 minutes you should have a general understanding of the cloud based on a few analogies we have put together.

So... what is "The Cloud"

In simple terms, it's someone else's computer on the internet.

For Example:

Think of the term cloud storage, it's someone else's storage, on the internet. If you're reading this you're probably on a computer or mobile phone accessing Procomport over the internet. Well this website is on a computer (well server but don't get caught up on that term) on the internet.

If you're on a computer look at your files, your Documents, Desktop and even Downloads, now put them on the Internet. That's Cloud Storage.

Cloud Storage Analogy:

Employee Bob has a bunch of documents on his computer or phone, but Bob doesn't have access to his computer. So Bob being the tech savvy person he is saves his documents to "the cloud". Now Bob can go to Susan's computer, access the internet, and get his documents.

What "The Cloud" is NOT

One thing the cloud is not is your laptop, desktop, or mobile phone, if you have an iPhone you may notice the iCloud app. The iCloud app is a perfect example of what "the cloud" is you can back your iPhone up using the iCloud app then you can log onto a totally different computer on the internet and access the data on your iPhone.

The difference is the availability over the internet.

Examples of Cloud Services:

  1. Gmail and Google Docs
  2. Office 365 - Microsoft Office Online
  3. iCloud
  4. Instagram
  5. Dropbox

Get your own cloud!

You can also have your own "cloud" in your home! You can save all your photos, videos, documents, and data on a personal cloud device and access it anywhere in the world even on your smart phone! Western Digital provides a personal cloud storage device with Terabytes of data (A terabyte is a lot of stuff). As long as your home internet connection is working you can access all your data and have backups available.

Take a look here:


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Wanna be a web developer? Learn these skills before you start coding

There's never been a more exciting time to get into web development. However, some beginners can be overwhelmed with all the different available technologies and tools. Here's a few of the things you should learn before starting your career as a developer.

Drop the GUI, get the Command Line

One sign of an experienced developer is the ability to use the command line interface. Mac users control this through Terminal, while Windows users will want to get the Cygwin tool, a massive improvement over the standard Windows command line tool. A few basic commands are enough for now: just learn to navigate the folder structure, change directories, make, edit, and delete files. Learn the basics here. For experienced users, Windows 10 now fully supports an Ubuntu-based shell, allowing Linux to run seamlessly on Windows devices. Learn more about Linux for Windows here.

Git and Github

Even the best developers make mistakes, especially when working with a team. One way to minimize mistakes and confusion is through version control, and one of the most popular tools for this is Git. Git LogoStart off with the basics (create a repository, clone, push, pull, stage and commit local changes) before moving onto more advanced topics like branching. Get started with this basic guide. Once you have Git, you'll need a Github to show off your stuff. Why? Github allows you to showcase your code to other developers and prospective employers. Think of it as a social network where you can share your code; this is a great way to show others what you can do and what you interests are. Chances are most employers will want to see an active Github and a consistent commit history from anyone they'd consider hiring. Get started with Github here.

Pick a text editor

Now we're ready to actually get started writing code, but first we need to chose an editor. For a beginner, it's best to go with an established choice like Sublime Text or Notepad++Notepad++ LogoMore ambitious developers may be tempted to dive in with more advanced choices like vim, Emacs, or an integrated developer environment (IDE), but for now it's best to stick with a simple editor that can get you up and running quickly. Want a more robust editor that's still easy to use? Try Atom, an increasingly popular choice from the Github team. Atom is loaded with new features, styles, and many open-source plugins available online so you can make Atom your own.

Start with HTML and CSS

As a developer, you have many different choices when it comes to languages and frameworks. But one thing is certain: you'll use HTML and CSS somewhere along the way. These two technologies form the basic building blocks for all other web development, so they must be the first thing you learn. Start with the most basic pieces and then get more specific.HTML5 Logo Learning the basic elements and how they nest together is more important than memorizing every HTML5 tag and CSS3 special tag. Likewise, learning classic HTML design patterns may seem like a waste of time in the beginning, but it will lay the foundation you use to structure every website or app you ever build.  

Learn to use the DOM and Developer tools

Modern web browsers provide a lot of interesting tools you can use to make your work a whole lot easier. While all browsers have their strengths, Google Chrome is considered the strongest in terms of development tools and Document Object Model (DOM) manipulation. Get started with Chrome Developer tools here and learn more about the DOM here.

Pick a language and stick with it

Trends come and go, but developers who want a long-term career must eventually choose. First off, pick a language. Your choice of language will determine your choice of frameworks and libraries, if any. Many developers think that learning the basics of a framework is enough to get around learning an actual language, but this is only a temporary solution. Instead, learn the core language surrounding a framework and it will become clear when and where (if ever) to use frameworks and libraries, and you will have a skill set that outlasts the temporary popularity of any one framework.

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Procomport - Providing a Professional Directory of Technicians for Various IT Jobs

If you are one of those people who are finding it hard to find the right technician for any of your IT problems in regards with any of your devices, then let Procomport give you a network of professional technicians who are catering their services to any IT jobs. All of the technicians posting their services on the site are all qualified of various computer problems allowing clients to find the suitable technician for the problem they have encountered with the job.

You just have to enter your address as well as the profession that you are looking for the technician and you can get the list of experts who can help you with your needs easily. All of the technicians under the profession that you are looking for will allow you to end up doing a transaction with the particular technician for the type of job you want. It is sure to give you the advantage on how you can reach the particular technician who can cater whatever services that you want on time.

Procomport Map 4/14/2014

With the help of Procomport, you can make sure that you can find a technician that can perform whatever IT jobs you may have. The one that you can find from the site is sure to be professional and is always available upon sending a message. This allows you to have an easy time getting the services that you want without the need in advertising your needs in any of your social sites. Once you try the services of the site, you can be sure that you will have an easy time getting the professional technician for whatever IT jobs that you have.

This site is not only advantageous for clients but for technicians as well. Technicians who are also looking for their target market can also take advantage of this site. They can easily promote their services online without the need to go through their social media accounts. The map on Procomport allows technicians to place their services as well as their contact details in any location where they are staying or catering their services. This allows them to promote their services to clients in other nearby locations.

With the availability of the site, people who are looking for other IT jobs can always have the time to be reached by their target market without the need to post any advertisements on various sites or directories. All it takes is some time in entering all the information of technician and everything will be settled with ease.

As soon as the technician is added on the map, this only means that clients who are looking for professional technicians will have the chance to find the technicians suited for the job they want. Whatever IT jobs for software or hardware services, people are assured that they can find the appropriate technician to do the job without hesitations and trust their professionalism ay all times. People from different areas are sure to love the function of the Procomport and even recommend it to other people.

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How to get a job

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Procomport turns 1.

One year ago today, we set out to create a website that networked computer professionals with clients in need. Our efforts culminated into the Procomport that you see today. In this year alone we have instituted many features to help us accomplish this goal. From personalized profiles to mapping the locations of our specialists, Procomport has made the task of finding an expert simple and easy. With our integrated messaging system, contacting qualified professionals a snap. This landmark only solidifies our commitment to our customers to provide the best service possible. We have many programs like ticketing and service beacons in the works to streamline the hiring process as well as our hours of operation. Thank you for your continued support and we hope you will take advantage of the new features as they become available.


The Procomport Team

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