About Us

How did Procomport get started?

Procomport got started out of necessity, when one day our founder who is known for his ability to repair computers grew tired of people constantly contacting him at odd hours of the night with their computer problems. At this moment in time the idea to have a self service portal to contact other qualified technicians had manifest itself, and on October 24th, 2011 at 2:37AM the domain was purchased and the development of what we know as Procomport the online directory of technology professionals was underway. Throughout the years and numerous redesigns and test products on February 24th, 2013 a functioning design was released to the public sporting our signature map interface which makes finding a local technician easier than ever.

So Who Are We?

Richard Parker

President, Founder, Lead Developer, Not a Tiger

If it breaks he fixes it. If it needs to be made he makes it happen. Originally from sunny Compton, California, Richard has never seen a task too difficult for completion. Richard has been working with computers since he was in the 1st grade (Year: 1999-2000) and has never looked back since, even developing simple HTML websites in the 4th grade in his spare time. Fast forward to 2011 and Richard is tackling even bigger fish when he enters the field of Information Security, leading his senior year high school to the national finals of the High School Cyber Defense Competition called US CyberPatriot 3. Today Richard is the President of Ambition Media Corporation, a online multimedia corporation furthering his pursuit of seeking to be at the forefront of technology.

Lucas Saunders

Marketer, Founder, Secretary, Chiver

Luke as he is commonly referred to has the gift of creativity, if you'd like to put a creative twist on anything no matter how dull or uninteresting they are look no farther. Originally from Pacifica, California Luke has always found a way to turn lemons into jet fuel, always finding ways to change the direction of anything towards one he sees fit. Luke is currently a Marketing major at California State University Northridge in order to expose the world to his creative magic. In his spare time you'll more than likely find him browsing The Chive, building tables, or snow boarding in Southern Califonia. Luke is currently the Director of Marketing at Ambition Media Corporation and continues to push the envelope on different techniques and strategies of marketing and media.

Our Goal

Our goal is simple, to put America back to work. With more and more technology related jobs being outsourced outside of America we are attempting to make it even simpler to find local qualified talent in your area. By using the best technologies and strategies available we are allowing people to literally put themselves on the map, doing this allows anyone to expose the world to their talents. Our map interface has made it ever easier to get any technology related task completed by allowing you to find professionals of various skills and talents by location.